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Introduction of OHEC
      Updated April 13, 2016

Office of the Higher Education Commission has the authority to manage and to promote higher education on the basis of academic freedom and excellence.


1. Formulate policy recommendations, higher education standards, higher education development plans and handle international cooperation in higher education;

2. Devise criteria and guidelines for resources allocation;

3. Coordinate and promote human resources development and student capabilities, including handicapped, disadvantaged, and talented students in higher education institutions;

4. Coordinate and promote research activities to support the national development;

5. Provide recommendation on the establishment, dissolution, amalgamation, upgrading and closing down of higher education institutions and community colleges;

6. Monitor, inspect, and evaluate outcomes of higher education management as assigned by the Higher Education Commission, and compile data and information on higher education;

7. Serve as the secretariat to the Higher Education Commission;

8. Perform other functions as prescribed by the Minister of Education.


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